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Idea Challenge

In order to encourage students’ interest and participation in community problem solving and social entrepreneurship, Koç University Social Impact Forum, Incubation Center, and the Office of International Programs are coming together to create and sponsor a set of “Idea Challenges”. 


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Announcement of Offtraffic Winners!

"Offtraffic Project" that promotes an economic, social, sustainable and green way of transportation to Koç University, took off in the 2013 Fall semester. The project was supported by KUSIF and it brought together users of "" who had common routes. We announce that, Bekir Turker and Arda Kabaca have won parking campus stickers for the 2014 Fall Semester due to their frequent use of "Offtraffic"; We congratulate them for their efforts to  create a greener world! MORE

SovorirÖğren, Which Establishes a Dialogue Between The Young People of Turkey and Armenia Is Now Online With The Support of KUSIF!

The winners of "the best idea" in the competition within The Turkish and Armenian Peace Initiative "Peace In Your Hands!" setup and produced their project SovorirÖğren. The project SovorirÖğren, which KUSIF supports,  leads to enhance the communication between young people of Turkey and Armenia and establish an online sharing ecosystem. In SovorirÖğren,  young people both in Turkey and Armenia ask each other questions about each other's lifestyles, cultures, social values and answer these questions; they get to know each other closely. MORE

Social Impact Digest

Social Impact Projects Bazaar 2014


Social Impact Projects Bazaar 2014


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Young Professional Swimmers of Sarıyer

Sustainable Fishing in Sarıyer

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Breakfast for Primary School Students in Sarıyer


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