Know Your Impact

Social Impact Measurement Tools for Young Social Entrepreneurs The “Know Your Impact” project funded by EU Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for Youth Programme launched in October 2015 lasting for 2 years addresses the needs of young social entrepreneurs who seek to not only create changes in their environments but also track their impact during the course of their social initiatives.

KUSIF works as partners with Social Enterprise Network (SEV) from Estonia, Mikado Sustainability Consultancy from Turkey, and Social Value UK from UK.


Project Goals:

To increase the awareness of the benefits of social impact measurement among eco-system developers in the social sector, social entrepreneurs and social investors

To increase young social entrepreneurs’ skills in social impact measurement and social entrepreneurship To increase eco-system develoeprs’ capacities for social impact measurement training and coaching

To increase access to knowledge on social impact measurement for eco-system developers, social entrepreneurs and social investors

To create peer learning opportunities for young social entrepreneurs through trainings and social impact web portal

Target issue of the project:

Specifically relating to Turkey, there is a large and dynamic young population under 30 that makes up almost half of the country’s total population. We think that the concept of social entrepreneurship might be an alternative way to strengthen the situation of young people in Turkey and Estonia. Furthermore, both countries have potential to reach out to different regions such as the Balkan and Baltic countries. Given the increasing economic, social and environmental pressures, we believe, social entrepreneurship should be on the agenda of both non-governmental and business organizations. However, in order for the social entrepreneurship notion to succeed, there is need for greater awareness, learning of specific skills and most importantly access to knowledge.

Strategic objectives:

To train and coach young social enterpreneurs on social impact measurement

To provide young social enterpreneurs necessary material for acquiring know-how in the field

To help young social entrepreneurs get recognition for their deeds and their social enterprises in the long-term

To strengthen the now globally recognized offer of social entrepreneurship as a sustainable and reliable model to solve social problems

To increase public support through making visible the works of competent social enterpreneurs who set goals and follow-up to measure their impact ,

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