Participants from Türkiye, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia worked on developing “podcast” as a means for creating social impact and improving the present impact as part of a Podcasting-Based Social Impact Learning Environment held in Tallinn.

Co-funded by EU Erasmus+ Program, the Podcasting-Based Social Impact Learning Environment project took place between 2021 and 2024. This project is carried out in partnership with Stories For Impact (Estonia), Koc University Social Impact Forum, and (Lithuania), and Social Entrepreneurship Association of Latvia. Within this project’s scope, there has been cooperation with Koç University Sevgi Gönül Cultural Center and Koc University Office of Gender Equality.

As part of the project conducted last week, participants had the opportunity to listen to inspiring stories, plan their podcasts and their impact on society, and develop new podcasting ideas in an environment with participants from across different countries in an international learning environment.
KUSIF Managing Director Dr. Gonca Ongan, Project and Training Specialist Tuğçe Aktepe, Project Specialist Merve Güney, Sevgi Gönül Cultural Center Coordinator Oğuz Öner, Suna Kıraç Library Reference and Outreach Librarian Naz Özkan, Gender Equality Coordinator Behice Pehlivan and students Nazlı Başegen and Güney Ulaş Türker participated in this 4-day training.

Such a learning environment that gathered participants with different interests created a wonderful basis for information exchange and further possible collaborations. We would like to thank all our participants for their high interest, warm sharing, and contribution to the learning together processes.