We, as KUSIF Team, always aim to help and support the education system in our local residence, Sarıyer, Istanbul effectively. In order to make it real, we are really willing to put forth new ideas and structures to develop efficient learning system with the support of Turkey Ministry of National Education and Sarıyer Municipality. KUSIF works with the local community for capacity building in Sarıyer to increase the Koç University’s local impact through education.

Within the “Social Impact Through Education Program”, KUSIF aims to increase motivation and capacity of teachers in public schools by developing their leadership and communication skills through trainings.

In this project, by following our motto strictly ‘Our profession our skill’ we have gathered information from the meetings with high school teachers and managers and collected useful data about their problems and solution suggestions. Also, KUSIF has just prepared both online and face-to-face surveys to know how to analyze and solve the current problems and present new ideas to the education system.

In Sariyer district, there are 52 public schools, 15 of which are public high schools. Teachers in the public schools have limited opportunities to improve themselves regarding their communication and leadership skills. In addition, teachers in high schools deal more with the problem of youth as adolescence. In 2012, Sarıyer District of National Education contacted Koç University to give training to increase motivation of teachers by trainings and practicing of these trainings in the public schools in Sarıyer. It started in 2012 and it still continues. In December, 2013, in order to understand the needs of the teachers a survey was conducted. 170 teachers participated in this survey. You may find it attached below.

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Related Events

2012/2013 Project Activities

Training with 100th Year Rotary Anatolian High School in Sarıyer
We are running a training program on Sarogrup motivation and coaching by 25 teachers from Sarıyer 100. Yıl Rotary Anatolian High School, volunteer Koç University Business Institute lecturers, and Academic and Life Skills lecturers.

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2013/2014 Project Activities

“Our Profession is One, Our Skills Are One” Project
This project was carried out in cooperation with KUSIF, the District National Education Directorate, and the District Governorate in 2013 and aimed to ensure equality in high school education in Sarıyer and improve the professional development of high school teachers.

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2014/2015 Project Activities

Activities that have contributed to the development of Sarıyer high school teachers since 2012 were developed for all teachers in Sarıyer in the 2014-2015 period.

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