Since 2015, KUSIF has been running an academic track program aimed at developing an understanding of issues related to social impact and internal links between business and other social institutions. The program was designed to increase students’ knowledge and skills and support leadership capacities in education and practice, social innovation, contribution to society, and social impact.

The content of the certificate program which includes interdisciplinary themes such as corporate social responsibility, international organizations and non-governmental organizations, social impact creation and social impact measurement was renewed. The new name of the track program which will be conducted together with the College of Administrative Sciences and Economics is ‘Sustainability and Impact Management’.

‘Sustainability and Impact Management Academic Track’ aims to prepare its students to be responsible leaders and be part of the solutions of social and environmental problems during their future careers in public, private, and non-profit sectors through mandatory and a wide range of elective courses. The primary goal of this track program is to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills on sustainability and impact management with the support of all other faculties within the university. There are 23 elective courses in the track program. These elective courses are:

  • ALIS 360-Next Generation Leadership & Transformation
  • INTL 313-Introductıon To Global Political Economy
  • INTL 325-Gender And Politics
  • INTL 360-International Organizations And Ngos
  • INTL 365-Survival And Prosperity In An Interdependent World
  •  INTL 435-International Migration In A Global World
  • LAW 328-International Human Rights Law
  • LAW 358-Gender And Law
  • LAW 410-Insurence Law
  • MAVA 453-Social Design Studio
  • MGMT 310-Creating Social Impact Through Collaborative Project Management Experiential Learning
  • MGMT 335-Strategy In A Global Enviroment
  • MGMT 360-Social Entrepreneurship
  • MGMT 432-Corporate Responsibility
  • NURS 403-Ethics In Healthcare Services
  • OPSM 430 – Sustainable Operations Management
  • PHIL 330-Applied Ethics
  • SCIE 107-Energy And Environment
  • SCIE 112-Global Health: Disparities & Determinants&Outcomes
  • SCIE 111-Balance Sheet For Sustainable Energy
  • SOCI 205-Social Problems
  • SOCI 306-Rural Sociology
  • SOCI 320-Environmental Sociology

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