Koç University Social Impact Forum (KUSIF) has been founded in 2012 within Koç University as a research and practice center on social impact. KUSIF’s starting point is that it’s necessary to conduct social impact measurement for the rightful use of resources and success in reaching the changes aimed at during the process of creating social impact.

KUSIF aims to become a “reference point” in social impact studies by working with specialist organizations from different disciplines and executing activities within such a framework.

KUSIF’s vision is a Turkish economy in which NGOs, funders, social entrepreneurs, private sector entities not only plan ahead for their social impact but also integrate social impact analysis to their overall work ethic and day-to-day operations.

KUSIF is leading the Turkish Social Impact Group and working to set standards for social impact measurement in Turkey. Generating Turkish resources on social impact measurement, creating collaborative networks among civil society, public and private entities are KUSIF’s center activities. Plus, KUSIF designs undergraduate courses on social impact in Koç University and conducts projects to get the campus more sustainable.