As Social Impact Lab, we aim to engage students and academics on campus who have an interest, idea, and passion for creating positive social impact. To create this impact, we have two main programs to develop a sustainable relationship with our stakeholders: the Incubation and the Zebra Program. 

The Incubation Program supports students and academics* who are willing to become a social entrepreneur or already have become one. We work 1-on-1 with our entrepreneurs on a social impact management and measurement basis and attain additional support from our mentors of various backgrounds to reach a holistic solution. Moreover, we provide a broad networking opportunity to our entrepreneurs to connect with stakeholders from the social entrepreneurship ecosystem locally and globally. 

The Zebra Program intends to create a sustainable student community to thrive on creating solutions for social and environmental challenges based on Sustainable Development Goals. For this purpose, our student community works on four different ends: 1- Content creation, 2- Networking Activities, 3- SDG implementation, and 4- Creating business solutions

Besides creating open-source content, we also organize events and give workshops for public purposes. 

We follow the blueprint of Sustainable Development Goals during all of our engagements to ensure that we have a common purpose towards the 2030 agenda

*Koç University students, academics, and alumni.


Past Events and Workshops