Social impact measurement and management helps private sector, social entrepreneurs and NGO’s to look at their projects and business plans in a more overall way as well as ensuring they fulfill their mission of creating social impact in a better way.

As KUSIF, we design need based content/programs for target groups that last for 1-2 days and give consultancy.

Our trainings and consultancy for organizations that aim to create significant social change and maximize their impact take place in 4 stages:

  1. Planning: It aims to give information and develop skills about generating ideas, planning and consulting processes that are needed for an organization that aims to maximize their impact or a project. 
  2. Execution: It aims to provide information and develop skills for measuring the social impact and collection of data. 
  3. Evaluation: It aims to provide information and develop skills on the analysis of collected data, the comparison between presented performance and targeted performance, and examining the relationships between changes and the common characteristics of stakeholders.
  4. Revision: It aims to give information and develop skills to change your future strategy on the basis of data you have collected, advance your products and services, terminate some of them, or help you choose whether you will expand your operations or not.

Trainings for individuals, employers of funding organizations, experts of monitoring and evaluation, NGO employers, social entrepreneurs, private and public sector employers who want to measure and manage their social impact as well as increase their knowledge on social impact are delivered by experts in KUSIF team.


Would you like to check the topics of training that we organize?

  • Characteristics of social impact and basic concepts
  • Measurement and management of social impact
  • Impact thinking approach
  • Techniques of data collection
  • Stakeholder analysis and mapping, process management
  • Theory of change
  • Outcome mapping
  • Impact thinking data collection system and its tools


Do you want to design a project related to the social problem that you want to solve? Do you want to develop the strategies and objectives you will use in addressing the social problem and solution in the social contribution project that you will design? Do you want to prepare your impact strategy and redesign that your products and services for maximum impact? Wondering how to include social impact measurement in the business plan? Do you want to measure and manage your impact?

Institutions we provide training and consultancy

  • Ankara Social Sciences University
  • Özyeğin University
  • International Children’s Center Association
  • British Council Turkey
  • British Council Ukraine
  • Izmir Development Agency
  • Civil Society Development Center (STGM)
  • Hope Foundation For Children With Cancer (KAÇUV)
  • Hrant Dink Foundation
    North Anatolian Development Agency (KUZKA)
  • Truth Justice Memory Center
  • Business Council for Sustainable Development Turkey (BCSD Turkey)
  • Education Reform Initiative (ERG)
  • Mehmet Zorlu Foundation
  • Turkish Minister of Family, Labor, and Social Services
  • Rural Schools Exchange Network (KODA)
  • Norwegian Helsinki Committee