KUSIF aims to provide trainings on social impact assessments to be provided to CSOs, private sector entities and social entrepreneurs. The trainings will entail what social impact measurement is and how important it is to practice and apply for more sustainable projects and organizations. 


Past Trainings:

Date Workshops Given By
27 November 2012 and 
18 December 2012
Collaborative Social Entrepreneurship Workshop Series  
25 September 2013
Social Entrepreneurship & Design Thinking Seminar and Workshop Clara Navarro Colomer
4-5 November 2013
Social Investment and Impact Measurement Workshop Dr. Volker Then
16 November 2013
Social Impact Measurement Workshop Dr. Seda Müftügil and Duygu Güner
24 December 2013
Social Impact Assessment: Strategies for Impact in your Social Venture Dr. Seda Müftügil and Duygu Güner
30 May 2014
Social Impact Measurement and Civil Societyal Organisations in Turkey Dr. Seda Müftügil and Duygu Güner