Cigarette Butt off the Ground


This project aims to raise awareness of public about throwing cigarette butts to bins instead of throwing them to the environment. According to the research, people already know that they should not throw cigarette butts to the ground in order to protect environment; however, they do not give enough attention to perform. Ignorance is the main one for the cigarette butts problem. With the ignorance, it affects many other issues such as social order, environment, humans, and animals so on. The start point in this project is to take action against cigarette butts waste and reduce the number of cigarette butts which are thrown to the ground. In order to create awareness, it is planned to attach a giant influential sticker that gives an effective message about the damage of cigarette butts to the environment to create a better quality life standards and public order.

Student Group: Yağmur Özgür, Ozan Türk, Melih Çöl

Advisor: Duygu Güner (

Socialization of Disabled People

With this project it is aimed to bring disabled and non-disabled people together by using sports as a tool, raise awareness for the necessity of the physical activeness and social activities for disabled people, to extend sports facilities that are suitable for disabled people across the issues of accessibility and personnel, to provide sports coaches who will have the right skills for communication with disabled people, to encourage disabled people to use the accessible sports facilities and clubs, to ensure comfortable relationship between disabled and non-disabled people when they are sharing an experience, to solve the most essential problems for disabled people: transport and accessibility when they want to use a sports facility, so as a result a normal and equal life would be provided to them like the non-disabled citizens and the problem of social integration of disabled people would be solved.

Student Group: Uğur Batu, Okan Ekşi, Serra Kurt

Advisor: Duygu Güner (

Buddy Program for High School Students

This project is about matching high school students and university students. With this project it is aimed to provide knowledge to high school students in terms of academic and social life of universities. They should feel prepared before they start the university because they may face some serious adaptation problems. Offering them direct connection with university students is a very efficient way of providing this flow of information. One of the primary goals of this project is to make high school students discover their inner world to find out what they want. Having made the right choice, they will have the necessary motivation, satisfaction and success to fell passionate about their future dreams.

Student Group: Acar Ateşçi, Ayşe Ece Durmaz, Tobias Trauernicht

Advisor: Duygu Güner (

Economic Independence of Women in Sarıyer

The perspective of the societies makes women dependent to other members of family, especially to their husbands because generally men provide the family’s livelihood. Needless to say, in terms of ability, women also have similar abilities like men; they can work in many of the occupational fields that are filled by men. The aim of this project is to increase the participation of 100 women, who are between the ages of 45-60 and living in Sarıyer, to their household economy and thus make them more independent by means of providing an interninternet platform where they could sell their hand made products in one year time period. The goal is to be a role model to other women from other regions and increase the participation rate of women to the country’s economy, which also make them feel important and a part of the labor force of our economy.

Student Group: Canan Korkmaz, Gözde Nişancı

Advisor: Ayşe Seda Müftügil (

Transparent Local Governance via 'Organize Ol!'

The purpose here is to make public the intermediary in the place that they live in. However, without the active engagement of public in government, people are obliged to whatever government do and tell. To destroy this public and government should be enthusiastic about people’s participation in local governance. The specific aim of the project is to create an application for smart phones or a platform that is like a blog for local people of Mashattan in Maslak region to cooperate and communicate with authorities and people who live and work in Mashattan and Maslak region.

Student Group: Engin Can Akalın, Zeynep Kılıç, Emre Sakızlı

Advisor: Ayşe Seda Müftügil (

Young Professional Swimmers of Sarıyer

The project aims to increase the number of young people who can swim and who would like to become professional swimmer. By offering children at the age of 5.5 to participate in the project, which will start at the beginning of the fall semester at school and last four years, it is aimed to discover talented children and the potential of success in swimming branch which may even lead to international swimming competitions. Registering children to the program will help these children to educate their bodies in early stages of their lives and make them gain the necessary sportsman discipline and the habit of swimming.

Student Group: Halit Babucci, Gökçe Karaoğlu, Can Türedi

Advisor: Ayşe Seda Müftügil (


Sustainable Fishing in Sarıyer

In this project, it is aimed to increase awareness about sustainable fishing and use of sustainable fishing tehcniques in Sarıyer. Many sea creatures face the danger of extinction and we aim to use Marmara Sea’s potential to establish a sustainable fishing model. People can begin to act and try to change something if and only if they are aware of the problem; therefore, this project is about raising awareness about the importance of sustainable fishing. By targeting fishermen, primary school students, and consumers an environment friendly ambiance is created. The overall objective is to prevent the decreasing number of fish population and protect the diversity in seas of Turkey.

Student Group: Cemre Ağaoğlu, İpek Caner, Pınar Çelik, Erdem Yiğitoğlu

Advisor: Gonca Ongan (

Revaluation of Food

Many food products in restaurants, cafes and supermarkets are being disposed when the items are still fresh and suitable for consumption for commercial reasons; however, these products can be revalued. This project aims to stop the disposal of the fresh food and deliver it to people who are in need of it. Main goal of the project is to reduce the environmental pollution by revaluing waste food as well as to provide orphan children qualified nutrition. It is important for them to feel the state of belonging to the society because the more they are secure about themselves, their mental development will be higher. Moreover, supplying a wider range of food and more amount of food to children will improve their physical development and help them build a healthier body.

Student Group: Aysun Germi, Başak Kübra Gül, Begüm Azak

Advisor: Gonca Ongan (

Breakfast for Primary School Students in Sarıyer

According to the studies, there are major differences between the education levels of children with different income levels. Even in primary school, it can be seen that students with low income levels have lower academic performance comparing to students with better income opportunities. One of the main reasons of that is bad nutrition leading to low concentration level in class. The main reason for that is the lack of resources to have a proper breakfast before coming to school. This project aims to create equality among children and increase the education level of children, whose families are below the poverty line, by supporting them with giving breakfast every morning in school.

Student Group: Benan Gedikoğlu, İpek Kural, Emilie Leclerc

Advisor: Gonca Ongan (