Peace and Human Rights Competition

A project competition open to young people was organized and it fostered new ideas and solutions to the Turkish and Armenian issue by empowering young people. The best project with an outstanding idea that proposed a project for the development of human rights with a focus on improving the relations between the Armenian community was awarded with a prize of 760 Euros and they were granted seed funding up to 1250 Euros to implement the project. 

The winners were announced! The winners of "the best idea" in the competition within The Turkish and Armenian Peace Initiative "Peace In Your Hands!" setup and produced their project SovorirÖğren. The project SovorirÖğren, which KUSIF supports,  leads to enhance the communication between young people of Turkey and Armenia and establish an online sharing ecosystem. In SovorirÖğren,  young people both in Turkey and Armenia ask each other questions about each other's lifestyles, cultures, social values and answer these questions; they get to know each other closely. Detailed information can be reached from the links below.