February 3-7 Forming an 'Idea Challenge' Volunteer Students Team
February 11-12 Preparation for St. Valentine's Day event @Gümüşdere 
February 13 St. Valentine's Day event @Koç University
February 17 'Agriculture and problems in Sariyer' Seminar with Local Farmers @Koç University
February 18 'City Gardens and Making a Community' Seminar by Aytaç Timur @Koç University
March 4 Desing Thinking Workshop by Cenk Sezgin (SAP) @Koç University
March 8 Gümüşdere Trip 
March 16 Mavromoloz Forest Trip 
March 24 Opening Date of first idea submission
March 30 Deadline of first idea submission
April 1 Workshop for Idea Challenge Team and Applicants by Pınar Öncel @Koç University
April 22-24

Idea Chalennge Team Meeting

May 4 Harvest Trip to Gümüşdere
May 5 Opening date of second idea submission
May 11 Deadline of second idea submission
May 12 Announcement of Winner of Idea Challenge Competition