Starting in the 2014-2015 school year activities contributing to the development of all teachers working in Sariyer high school were transformed and proposed.


Project development trainings:

A two day training program was organized by the district national education directorate and supported by the Office of Vice-President for Research and Development of Koc University. The training program on project writing and application processes was held on 6th January and 10th February. The training instructor was Koc Universities grant scheme manager Mr. Emrah Göker.


Seminars for teachers in Sariyer:

A protocol was signed by Koc University and Sariyer District National Education Directorate during March 2015 thanks to the contribution of Sariyer District National Education Directorate.  According to this protocol academics and staff working throughout Koc University will organise seminars for teachers from Sariyer. These seminars will revolve around different topics including new scientific developments, self-consciousness and (need one more) and will be carried out with the Directorate's authorisation.