The tenth and last of the seminar of the YoungTalks series was organized on November 26, 2014.  In this seminar, Özgür Bal and Zeynep Baykal, two doctoral candidates from the Sociology Department of Middle East Technical University, presented their research on Armenian identities.  Özgür Bal gave an insightful presentation entitled Close to ‘Home’, Away from ‘Home’: Encounters with Armenians in Buenos Aires, Oxford, Varto, Armıdan and Refictionalizing Home. She elaborated on the concept of home in relation to Armenian identities both in Turkey and in diasporas, and for Islamized Armenians.  Following Bal’s speech, Zeynep Baykal shared the results of her study on The Construction of the Armenian Identity in Istanbul: The Case of Yeşilköy.  Yeşilköy is one of the major neighborhoods where Istanbulite Armenians live, and Baykal illustrated the formation of an ethnic Armenian identity in Yeşilköy.  She included an analysis on the fundamental dynamics which are influential in this process, and its changing boundaries. The presentations were followed by an interactive Q&A session and discussion.