Wisdome; aims to educate students who can use and develop technology to solve the problems of our world through constructivist activities that combine science, programming and sustainability.

Wisdome sets out with a new curriculum aimed at effective learning that places students in the framework of a constructivist education with the features of programming and new media in order to grasp students by experiencing all branch subjects. It aims to raise young generations who know how to use and produce technology, who are aware of the importance of a sustainable world and protect the world of tomorrow. Wisdome Education Kit includes activities developed to understand scientific working mechanisms, to know the uses of technology and to produce technology when necessary, and to discuss how a sustainable life can be achieved through scientific and technological production. The curriculum for each school is tailored to the needs of the schools and the individual skills of the students. Teacher workshops and parent information seminars are organized for the curriculum that will be shaped according to the feedback of teachers.