Social Impact Measurements for Fund Issuers

Funded by the Consulate General of Sweden in Istanbul between May 2015 and September 2016, this project targets funders that support Turkish civil societal organisations in two different but complimentary ways. First of all, the project will help funders to measure their own social impacts. Since the social impact of funders highly depend on the impact that the organisations they support generate, the project will also respectively target CSOs that are supported by them.

Goals of the project:

To pinpoint the challenges that exclusively funders face when assessing impact

To have a private session for funders in the Social Impact Conference

To train organizations that are supported by these funders

To make organizations understand clearly what is expected of them while conducting their projects

Project Activities:

Project launch and awareness raising event for funders

In-depth interviews

Social impact guide for funders

Publication of social impact white paper

Social impact group

Social impact group conference

Social impact trainings for CSO representatives

Social impact coaching for funders

Strategic Objectives:

To provide consultancy to funders as to how they can integrate social impact measurement into their application processes which should be in line with funders’ own impact goals so that both funders and the organizations they support can be aligned in their social impact visions

To let funders choose which organization to send to our training and to offer social impact measurement trainings geared specifically towards that specific funders’ particular demands

To equip organizations with skills and tools to be able to measure their impacts

Koç Üniversitesi Sosyal Etki Forumu (KUSIF)