Social Impact Measurement for Civil Society Organizations

Koç University Social Impact Forum started the project in March, 2015 for a year-long, funded by Open Society Foundation for helping CSOs define the social change that they create and thus make them able to measure their own social impacts.

Goals of the project:

To understand the current situation of CSOs in Turkey with respect to social impact measurement and to define their specific needs in this area,

To explain the importance of social impact and monitoring-evaluation to CSOs,

To help CSOs conduct their own social impact measurement, and make them literate of the terminology of social impact measurement,

To be able to provide sources for impact analysts in Turkey who do monitoring and evaluation as well as social impact measurement for CSOs.

Target group of the project:

The target group of our project consists of CSOs that are not doing any kind of monitoring-evaluation/social impact measurement, but who are planning to do so; the CSOs that are currently running such monitoring-evaluation/social impact measurement; and the ones that wish to improve themselves in this field.


Survey research

Focus group interviews

Social Impact Measurement Guide

Social Impact Measurement Training

Social Impact Group

Social Impact Measurement Conference

Strategic objectives:

Ensuring the recognition of the social impact and its benefits by the civil society organizations.

Improving the civil society organizations’ skills and bring in organizational competency in order to allow measure the social impact.

Forming entities which are providing education or consultancy on social impact analysis, and creating a convenient environment for mutual learning.