Management of Social Impact Program for Non-Governmental Organizations

Since the first day of establishment of KUSIF, we try to maximize the social impact actors impact by innovative solutions based on data and we implement them. There is a need for social impact measurement. With the support of Açık Toplum Vakfı, the established project on February 2017, “Management of Social Impact Program for Non-Governmental Organizations” is satisfying the same need.

In Turkey, NGO’s can’t measure or manage their social impact. The main reason is; NGO’s are not aware of the benefit that they will provide by measuring their impact. NGO’S most of the time just construct monitoring and evaluation reports. The outcomes of the reports(selling books, trained student number) are restricted. At this point, NGO’s should focus on the created change rather than their outcome. Afterwards, these measurement results should affect the institution’s strategic decisions and allocation of resources. With this approach, NGO’s can maximize their impact through their limited resources.


Social impact management not only focused on positive impact created. It will enable to track the whole process. By this process, the institution will have the chance to evaluate the activities(program, project or output) and will have the ability to interfere their strategy for increasing their social impact. In short, social impact management will create more holistic perspective, give the results of potential influence and realize their mission with an increasing success for institutions.

In addition;

● By social impact management, NGO’s will include all of the stakeholders to the process.

● With social impact management, institutions can create strategic paths.

● The results of social impact management will lead to the decisions of institutions general and allocation of resources strategy.

● The results of social impact management will motivate employees and volunteers by administers getting involved in the process. Which will increase the participation of others.

● Social impact management creates opportunities for accessing to funding.

● Social impact management increases and improve the trust.

● Finally, the visibility of the institutions will be increased by social impact management studies. It will create a safe model for the future projects.

As KUSIF, with the support of Açık Toplum Vakfı, we will run “Social Impact Management Program for Non-Governmental Organization”. Our mission is to create awareness, increase the knowledge and skills on social impact management. Through this project, NGO’s which are the social impact actors’ capacities were developed. The elected NGO’s upon our project attended a four day program that consists of two parts and will have one-to-one mentorship that continued for 6 months.

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