Yrd. Doç. Dr. Yasemin Kisbu Sakarya

Executive Board Member

I am a Quantitative Psychologist. My research focuses on research methodology, particularly as applied in intervention and policy evaluation. I completed my PhD in Research in Prevention Laboratory of David MacKinnon at ASU, where I focused on improving statistical mediation analysis to investigate causal mechanisms of health related programs. During my postdoctoral studies under the supervision of Tom Cook at Northwestern University, I worked on advancingcausal inference methodology and quasi-experimental designs and evaluation of education-related programs. I am also a recipient of 2017 Young Scientist Award given by Science Academy in Turkey.

Examples of projects I currently pursue are development of a new variant of regression discontinuity design as a quasi-experimental method; application of causal methods to non-randomized programs and large scale datasets; andevaluation design to promote evidence-basedinterventions. My applied work is focused on intervention effectiveness by causally testing which interventions work, answering key questions about for whom, how, and why they work.


As a faculty member of the graduate program in Psychology at KU, Dr. Kisbu-Sakarya would be especially interested in supervising graduate students wishing to work on the following topics:
– Evaluation methodology
– Interventions targeting child and youth outcomes
– Optimization of social-psychological and organizational interventions to reduce gender gap
– Large scale secondary-data analysis (such as PISA and TIMSS) to study educational outcomes to improve the    evidence base for policy making
– Quantitative methodology (particularly Monte Carlo simulations on mediation analysis,  integrative data analysis, and quasi-experimental methods such as propensity score and regression discontinuity design).

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