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Çiğdem Toparlak

Communications and Project Specialist

She worked as a journalist in Turkey’s first iPad newspaper Zetek after graduating from the Faculty of Communication of Galatasaray University. She worked as the editor of the youth magazine Vodafone FreeZone and editor of various channels within the publishing group in the Doğuş Publishing Group where Zete was involved. She became the Condé Nast Traveler magazine’s editorial director that launched in 2015 in Turkey. Following the suspension of the magazine’s publication in the summer of 2017 she worked as the director of the chief editor of InStyle magazine in Turkey. Çiğdem Toparlak who completed the certificate program in partnership with the Corporate Sustainability of Bogazici University Lifelong Learning Center and the Regional Environmental Center (REC Turkey) aim to specialize on sustainability, sustainability communication and cyclical business models. Çiğdem Toparlak is a licensed swimmer; She is interested in sports such as scuba diving, snowblading and windsurfing.

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