Preventing Cigarette Butts Pollution

This project aims to create awareness of throwing cigarette butts into trash, not nature. According to the research, people know that cigarette butts should not be thrown to the ground in order to protect nature; but they don’t implement it. The biggest problem here is neglect and this affects social order, nature, people and animals greatly. The aim of the project is to reduce the waste of cigarette butts and reduce the number of butts thrown to the ground as much as possible. While creating this awareness, it is planned to prepare large, conspicuous, message giving and effecting stickers showing the damage caused by cigarette butts and to raise the standard of social order and life.

Student Team: Yağmur Özgür, Ozan Türk, Melih Çöl

Consultant: Duygu Güner (

Socialization of the Disabled

Given the lack of data accessibility and disabled people in Turkey are the main problems of social services and disability and to overcome the problems that this awareness against people with disabilities is one of the priority tasks. The problem of social cohesion between disabled and non-disabled citizens can be overcome only by providing normal and equal life to our disabled citizens by people without disabilities and seeing the need of disabled people for social activities such as sports. People with disabilities should make the most of these opportunities, where sports contribute to the lives of people with no disabilities in many areas. With this project, which will be implemented in the pilot region, it is aimed to bring together disabled and non-disabled citizens in Sarıyer.

Student Team: Uğur Batu, Okan Ekşi, Serra Kurt

Consultant: Duygu Güner (

Support for High School Students for Career Choice and University Life

This project involves bringing high school and university students together. It is a project carried out for high school students in order to introduce their academic and social life and to be prepared for university life in spite of the possibility of experiencing adaptation problems. Thanks to this direct link, the information flow can be established healthier, which will help high school students, who are the main purpose of the project, to understand what they live in their inner world and what they expect from the future. As a result, directing students to the purpose that will be right for them will give them the ambition to prepare for university and the motivation that will be required at the university.

Student Team: Acar Ateşçi, Ayşe Ece Durmaz, Tobias Trauernicht

Consultant: Duygu Güner (

Economic Independence of Women in Sarıyer

The perspective of the society shows women tied to other family members, especially to their spouses – as it is generally provided by the subsistence man. Whereas, women also have the same abilities as men and can work in areas and jobs where men work. The aim of this project is to increase the participation of 100 women between the ages of 45-60 within a year, to provide them with an internet platform, to sell their handcrafted products and thus to be independent. This project will be a role model for women living in other regions and will increase the participation rate of women in the economy.

Student Team: Canan Korkmaz, Gözde Nişancı

Agent: Ayşe Seda Müftügil (

Transparent Management Through “Get Organized!”

The aim is to turn the public into an intermediary in the region where they live. Since there is no active relationship between the society and the state, society has to apply exactly what the state does and says. In order to change this situation, both the public and the state should be more willing to join the local administrations. Specifically, the purpose of this project is to create an app for smartphones or a platform for local people living and working in Mashattan in Mashattan and to keep them in touch with the authorities in the Maslak area of Mashattan.

Student Team: Engin Can Akalın, Zeynep Kılıç, Emre Sakızlı

Agent: Ayşe Seda Müftügil (

Young Professional Swimmers of Sariyer

The project aims to consistently increase the number of young people who know how to swim and want to be a professional swimmer. The project focuses on increasing the number of young professional swimmers in the Sarıyer region by offering 5.5 year-old children the opportunity to participate in a program that will allow them to start swimming as they start school. Owned by Turkey’s education system and the lack of interest from the sport due to lack of participation in international swimming competitions are open to swimmers to develop the project with the current veber to be recognized and will be increased interest in swimming. The children enrolled in this program are aimed to shape their bodies at an early age with the necessary training and thus have the discipline of athletes. This project will start as schools open in the fall term and will last for four years.

Student Team: Halit Babucci, Gökçe Karaoğlu, Can Türedi

Agent: Ayşe Seda Müftügil (

Sustainable Fisheries in Sarıyer

This project aims to protect fish species that are endangered. This project, which uses sustainable fishing techniques, albeit limited, and which is open to new information, will bring the necessary awareness to fishermen, fish consumers and children who will form the future in order to protect the seas and living creatures living in the sea. After the project is targeted primarily in Sarıyer implementation of all sustainable fishing model in Turkey. Main purpose of this project is to protect the fish population and fish equality in the seas.

Student Team: Cemre Ağaoğlu, İpek Caner, Pınar Çelik, Erdem Yiğitoğlu

Agent: Gonca Ongan (

Re-Evaluation of Food

This project aims to re-evaluate these food products by those in need, starting with the removal of products sold in bakeries, cafes and markets while they can still be used. It has been observed that the physical and spiritual development of orphans is not sufficient within the scope of the food re-evaluation project. Children who do not have a family who are cared for by the state are only provided with as much food as they need. In line with this information, the project aims to contribute to the physical development of the orphan children by providing them with access to more than enough products to survive, and by contributing to their spiritual development by providing access to products that can be considered luxurious for them.

Student Team: Aysun Germi, Başak Kübra Gül, Begüm Azak

Agent: Gonca Ongan (

Breakfast for Primary School Students in Sarıyer

According to the studies, it has been observed that children from different income levels have different educational levels. Even in primary schools, the academic performance of children with low income levels was found to be lower than that of children with better income levels. One of the most important reasons for this is that they have low concentration levels in the class as a result of not being able to get the necessary nutrients. The aim of this project is to provide children with breakfast every morning at school, to create equality between them and to increase the education levels of low income children.

Student Team: Benan Gedikoğlu, İpek Kural, Emilie Leclerc

Agent: Gonca Ongan (