KUSIF offers certificate program that aims to develop an understanding of issues related to social impact and inherent interconnections between business and other societal institutions. The program is designed to increase students’ knowledge and skills and support their leadership capacity in the fields of education and practice, social innovation, contribution to society and social impact. Interested students can gain diverse knowledge on interdisciplinary themes such as corporate social responsibility, international organizations and NGOs, creating, measuring and social impact.

CELCP aims to prepare its students as responsible leaders to social issues for their careers in public, private, and non-profit sectors through mandatory and wide range of elective courses. Primary goal of this program is to reach all departments and enrich social impact within the university.

Students who have a grad point average (GPA) of at least 2.00/4.00 as of the semester of their application may apply to the track program. Students who complete five courses (15 credits) out of the courses listed below will be awarded ‘Community Engagement and Leadership’ certificate. Besides five courses, some core curriculum courses and UNIV 101 seminars (selected topics) are recommended for students and they are advised to choose SOSC or ETHR courses selected by KUSIF. In addition, students are also recommended to take part in 6 seminars approved by track from UNIV 101 course.

A student can fulfill the part of the requirements of CELCP by taking an Independent Study on a relevant topic in lieu of an elective course with the prior consent of the CELCP and the independent study instructor.For students who participate in an Erasmus exchange, at most one Erasmus course can be counted toward the CELCP.

In order to qualify for the Certificate in a Track program, a student must have at least one average grade point of 2.00/4.00 from the course given in the track program. A student failing to meet this grade requirement is not qualified to receive the certificate. A certificate will be presented to the student completing the certification requirements along with his/her degree at the time of graduation from the University

Please contact for more information about CELCP

Merve Güney  mguney@ku.edu.tr