The Social Entreprise Fair was designed to create a space for social enterprises, organizations supporting them, potential investors and everyone interested in social entrepreneurship to meet, get to know each other and learn about the work of the social enterprises in Turkey.

The list of organizations participating in Fair:

Açık Açık

Açık Açık platform aims to bring together Turkish CSOs and donors and help them to develop a sustainable relationship.  We aim to do this by encouraging the CSOs to develop their performance criteria, try to meet them and measure their impact.

Simultaneously we aim to direct donors towards smart giving (researching, comparing CSOs).  Through Açık Açık we also want to increase the number of transparent and accountable rights based CSOs who measure their impact and respect the rights of donors. A network of NGO’s that are supporting transparency and accountability criteria will increase that indispensable change in the society.

Açık Açık also aims to be the a pool of transparent and accountable CSO’s for platforms and companies looking for partners.


While there is a recycling option for well-conditioned clothes, there is no systemic way to recycle the worn ones. With the help of Chapputz, people realize that they do not have to throw out their clothes any more. We transform worn clothes to stylish handmade kilim products while using “çaput kilim” weaving culture of Turkish Nomads as an upcycling method. Plus to its environmental function, Chapputz employs villager women in its production process and empower them. Thirdly, Chapputz brings outmoded weaving culture and modernization mindset together, produces Ipad cases, clutches, backpacks etc and sells them in designer stores. Therefore, Chapputz helps this extincted Turkish culture to live even today. As a result, Chapputz means protecting environment and culture and empowering weaver women.

Doğa Akademisi (The Nature Academy)

The Nature Academy is a community formed by the universal consciousness of academia and the solidarity of people who have the consciousness of working with social responsibility and who are turning towards nature. Being an international living space that guides the understanding of the improving and developing aspects of nature is the cause of existence. It is a primary field of study to perform treatment and therapies in nature in children suffering attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder and developmental retardation.

The Berisler Farm, an organic farm run by the Nature Academy, is 45 minutes from the center, 30 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from the sea; It is 200 acres and connects to the forest. In the farm, agricultural production is done; There are 27 different kinds of fruit trees; 7 different species are being cultivated. It has a closed area of ​​750 square meters. The mentioned fields have been applied abroad and the scientific scale has been successfully demonstrated and designed according to the nature treatment and therapy programs. Programs with the ability to be privatized according to the child’s needs are determined by educational experts, teachers, doctors and pedagogues; are implemented and followed.

The Nature Academy is the first and only institution operating in Turkey for this purpose.

Düşler Mutfağı (Dreams Kitchen)

Dreams Kitchen is a non-profit social business model that is developed as the sub-project of AYDER’s Dreams Academy project which aims at providing equal access for disabled and social disadvantaged individuals into social life by arts, music and other creative activities.

Dreams Kitchen is designed as an income-generating model and aims at providing the  disabled and social disadvantaged young people the opportunity for independent living. Special trainings,  chef skills and food sector’s hints&tips  are provided to young people with disabilities by specialized volunteer trainers. Currently Dreams Kitchen is providing food products and services especially in the pastry field . Now Dreams Kitchen is building its production strategy on healthy nutrition in order to provide social contribution for individuals and the society. The target is to produce sugar/flour/gluten etc. free nutrition options, increase the employment of socially

disadvantaged  people and create a ‘good’ business model from its production methods to sales strategies.

Elektronik Atıkların Geri Dönüşümünü Destekleme Derneği (EAGD – Supporting Organisation for Recycling Electronic Waste)

We are an NGO , focusing on civil contribution to e-waste problem by generating projects for sustainable life cycle of electronic waste, pointing out continues innovation and social benefit as key factors, working closely with recycle companies, municipalities, NGO’s, universities and vendors.

We are doing it:

–          by providing stability on supply chain of recycle companies ,

–          awareness raising studies with consumers about dangers of e-waste,

–          helping vendors to achieve e-waste collection targets.

EAGD is in the center of a win-win operation and becoming a platform where all partners can contribute to solution.


E-Bursum is a social initiative aimed at minimizing opportunity inequality in education. E-Bursum that transforms the manually operated scholarship system in Turkey into a digital system, on one hand facilitates the students reaching the necessary financial resources required for their education and on the other hand enables the scholarship providers  to work with a more systematic and fair scholarship process. In addition to systemizing the scholarship system, E-Bursum aims at maximizing the influence of the scholarship providers by providing them with the necessary tools for the education covering essential finance literacy, measurement of social effects  and online mentoring.

Gelecek Daha Net (The Future is Brighter Youth Platform)

The Future is Brighter Youth Platform exists to lesson youth unemployment, by linking professionals and youth aged 15-29 through an accessible online and offline community. With an ongoing struggle for youth to find work, this initiative allows youth to take responsibility for their futures by providing them with concrete advice and connections. It enables and encourages youngsters to be self-determined individuals with the ability to make informed life, education and career choices.

Köpekle Yaşam Derneği (Life with Dogs Association)

Köpekle Yaşam Derneği is a non-profit organisation founded in late 2016, that promotes a society in which people that live with dogs are mindful of their responsibilities and informed of their legal liabilities and contribute to the welfare of both people and animals. In light of written and unwritten rules, we want to transform the culture of living with dogs into a healthy and peaceful joint existence.

Through workshops oriented at children and their parents initially, we want to help create generations that have embraced the culture of living with dogs and we aim to reduce physical injuries and accidents that are a result of the irresponsibility/error of dog parents through the education and activities we provide. We also offer consulting service to individuals who want to have a dog in their lives. We share our knowledge, experience and activities that can be of use to everyone and contribute to dogs and humans living together by respecting the right to live of all living creatures.

Önemsiyoruz (We Care)

Önemsiyoruz (We Care) is an Istanbul-based social initiative whose 20 active volunteers aim to design specialized play items for children ages 0-6 years old who are raised under vulnerable circumstances. Our main objective is to develop products that support children’s self-awareness as well as their interactions with their environment. Önemsiyoruz also develops training manuals that help adults learn to successfully interact with these specialized products and at-risk children.

Önemsiyoruz believes all children deserve to “play” regardless their conditions, and we would like to improve our operations regarding product design and expand the reach of our services to create vital connections between community and children.

Önemsiyoruz have developed strategic partnerships with NGO’s, public, and private sector entities to design new products and offer new services. Our innovations include production of textile prints without using water, and handmade sewing processes that are carried out by women cooperatives. Önemsiyoruz believe ”Givers create givers”.

Small Project Istanbul (Zeytin Ağacı Derneği)

Small Project Istanbul (Zeytin Ağacı Derneği) is an NGO working to bring social and economic integration to displaced Syrians in Istanbul using the community environment as a vehicle for education and livelihood programs that transfer mainstream skills that can be used in all aspects of their lives.

Our Women’s Skills Development program is at the core of what we do, providing personal and professional skills development whilst the women run a handicraft collective which produces and sells mainly wearable accessories and goods to conscious consumers around the world.

In preparation for attending an international craft fair in Berlin on November 8, 2017, the women have increased production of their new expanded product range entitled ‘Muhra.’ The personal accessories and wearables are created around the theme of nature, tradition, home, and storytelling, to convey a sense of unity between the makers and their customers in a way that breaks down stereotypes.

Sorty App

Sorty app provides an accessibility map for its users. Sorty users will be able to find places and locations according to their individual needs. Sorty runs a filter algorithm so that users can find the places that have services such as accessible toilet, disabled parking permit, accessible entrance, wheelchair ramps, menus, and signs with Braille alphabet. Users can also see the list of top accessible places near them.

On a wider perspective, Sorty app aims to spark a motto called ‘Let’s go outside’. There are nearly 9 million disabled people in Turkey. The more people use the app, the more places will seek to be a part of Sorty, and the more spots will become accessible. And more people will go outside, enjoying life.

SS Harmoni Kadın Girişimi Üretim ve İşletme Kooperatifi (Harmony)

Harmoni would like to wake up to a better world.  Harmoni started out with the idea of integrating women to the workforce in order to ensure societal development. Harmoni would like women to work compatible with human dignity, to create economic value and to contribute the national economy. Harmoni embodied working, producing, friendship, cooperation and hope as Harmoni (harmony). Now Harmoni wakes up with hope regarding our children and our future. Harmoni is working for productive women and modern society.


Yuvarla is the digital upgrade of the traditional donation box, designed to fit with new economy and cashless payment habits. Yuvarla lets people to round up spending amounts to the nearest whole Turkish Lira and then donate the difference to a charity of choice. Yuvarla can be used via web or mobile apps.

The Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC)

The Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC) empowers the next generation of social entrepreneurs by providing them with mentoring, exposure, and over $80,000 in prizes to transform their ideas into ventures that address the world’s most pressing challenges. Teams from across the globe learn how to design scalable models through a process that emphasizes stakeholder discovery, business innovation, and social impact assessment.

Founded by MBA students at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business in 1999, the GSVC has evolved into a global network of premier business schools, universities, and programs in the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Koç University became Outreach Partner in Spring 2011 and responsible for organizing GSVC Regional Semi-Finals for applicant teams coming from Turkey, Balkans, Caucuses and Russia regions. Begining with Fall 2016, Koç University has become a Regional Partner therefore KU organizes both Round One and Regional Semi-Final rounds for the GSVC.

Application Deadline for 2018: December 4, 2017.