Social Value Matters 2017

On 10 and 11th of April, 2017 this conference will focus on this challenge, across the four key areas of principles, people, practice, and power, we will be seeking to develop plans for how we can move to maximizing social impact, making more use of principles that are designed to maximize value, sharing experiences of what has worked and learning how we can more effectively lobby for policy changes.

This year our conference will be in Istanbul in partnership with Koç University, an international university located in Istanbul a city where the East and West meet, where a global perspective blends with the regional dynamics and cultures making it the ideal location. We will be hosted by Koç University, just outside the main centre of Istanbul and have the run of the facilities.  This means we will be able to have many small group sessions, reflecting international and sector experiences and themed around principles, people, practice and power. Sessions will mainly be in English with some in Turkish.

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