Against a backdrop of increasing inequality and global uncertainty Social Value Matters 2017 will focus on what needs to happen to amplify stakeholder voices to inspire change and maximize value. Following feedback from our members and the community the sessions have began to take shape. These will be a mix of roundtables and workshops. Roundtables are small group discussions that focus on debate and sharing experience. Workshops will involve participants in exercises and activities to encourage debate and learning.


The detailed conference program is available! Please be informed that the program is still being developed, for any additions to the topics and inquiries e-mail Agata Fortuna. 


The listed below are major topics of the conference.




  • What are the risks that your social impact won’t happen?
  • How can we balance the tension between top down and bottom up impact data?
  • How can stakeholders’ voice be included in the investment due diligence process?
  • How does involving stakeholders increase the credibility of your data?
  • How can you better communicate your impact to different groups?
  • What happens when stakeholders own the resources and make the decisions?
  • What does stakeholder voice mean for environmental impact?
  • How can corporates and third sector partners collaborate?
  • Stopping, scaling or changing your activities



  • Maximizing Value - Implications of different stakeholders
  • Understanding the value of different outcomes using the Value Game
  • Introduction to social impact
  • The impact management project huddle
  • Impact management in immigration
  • Impact management in youth unemployment
  • Impact management in long term care
  • Stakeholder involvement in design and innovation
  • Constituent voice and social value

There will be simultaneous translation for the opening speeches (EN-TR).

The conference will have roundtables and workshops in English and Turkish. Check out the program for more details!